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FAQ & Contact A Mod Post

Contact A Mod

There are several ways of contacting me. Your first port of call will be to leave a comment here with your question, if it's a community-specific query or complaint.

If you need quicker assistance, my IM / email details are below the cut. I would encourage you to try reaching me through this post first, however, as I'm online most of the time anyway.

If nobody has responded to your comment within, say, two or three days, then there are a variety of options available: you may PM me at my personal LJ (chispas, or IM me on AIM at alguersaurus. You can also contact the mod team via PM at kinkmodhat or via email at motorsmodteam [at] gmail [dot] com. :)


      Q: Can we repost old prompts from the old meme?
      A: Of course! Go on right ahead! You can post old prompts if you're still searching for someone to write about it, or you can repost them because you yourself were in the middle of writing for one.

      Q: I understand what you mean with the rule about trying to restrain ourselves from commenting with "seconded" to prompts, but commenting to other peoples' fills is okay, right?
      A: I completely understand the want to comment on a particular prompt to show your support for it - I was guilty of it a few times in the old meme, but I wanted to make things seem a little fairer, because I myself have had prompts that have gone completely ignored, and when you see everyone else has "seconded!" and you don't, it's sort of disheartening. So I'm sorry that it had to become a rule, because I do understand the excitement about new prompts, but I've lurked in other kink memes, and this generally seems to be a fairer system.
      And yes! Yes, of course you can comment fills, whether they were yours or not - I won't stop people flailing over actual writing that goes on - so yes, commenting on the fills is definitely more than okay :)

      Q: I'm writing a piece for a prompt I found on the meme and I'm really getting into it - I want to expand the piece and create a whole universe for it, having further unprompted pieces around the original. Is it okay for me to post these to my journal and link them in other places?
      A: Of course!
      At the end of the day, everything you write is your own - those words came from your mind and your mind alone, so they're yours to do with what you will, whether it's posting it on the meme, your journal, the f1 fiction communities, etc. :)
      Personally, I think of the meme as a starting point, something to get my creative coals burning: if a prompt inspires you, and then you're continually inspired by that prompt or what you wrote for that prompt originally, then you're definitely free to keep writing and do with it what you want.

      Q: What is meant by "character / pairing bashing"? Does this mean I can't post my story?
      A: Not at all! Fictionally speaking, you could make Bernie Ecclestone a fluffy pink bunny rabbit and Sebastian Vettel an evil overlord of unparallelled cookie-stealing horridness. What is meant by character bashing is that I will not (and more often than not, your fellow members will not) tolerate any comments such as "OMG I am so fed up with [pairing]!!!!" or "[character] is lame - don't fill this prompt with him!", etcetera. It extends to prompts and responses, but in the world of fiction, technically anything goes. You don't have to be outright mean about someone / a pairing in order to request they aren't written into something.
      At the end of the day, I'm a believer in "writer knows best" - who knows your characters better than you? No one. If a prompt says "I'd prefer no Bruno Senna" or "I really don't like Rob/Felipe", but you have the burning desire to write one of those, then fill it and you're free to post it elsewhere! The prompter is putting in a request, but remember you're doing the legwork!

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