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I swear, I don't know how I existed before Tumblr We'll call this fashionably late, shall we?

Before we begin, please ensure you have read and are willing to abide by the community rules. There aren't many, and they're relatively simple and straight-forward, but it's better to know your boundaries than not to ;)

You may still fill for prompts on previous prompt posts, but you may not still prompt in that post. Anyone found to be doing so will have their comment deleted. New prompts go in this post :)

Prompt Post 001 | Prompt Post 002 | Prompt Post 003 | Prompt Post 004 | Prompt Post 005
Prompt Masterlist | Fill Masterlist

Rough Guide to the 'Meme
  1.     Comment anonymously (or not, but with some of the prompts we're used to seeing...anon is generally a good idea) with your request. Include whatever details you deem relevant - pairing, kink, specific idea, etc. For example:
F1; Webber/Vettel. Winning and losing. Hurt/comfort.
      (i)   all kinks welcome - from bdsm to snuggling up close. whatever you want.
      (ii)  all drivers / riders / bosses / personnel / media / etc, from any season at all in any area of motorsport are welcome.
  2.     Author(s) reply either anonymously or not, depending on personal preference and brazenness, to your request.

NOTE     : Some prompts may be more popular than others and may have more than one fill. Don't be disheartened!

Misc Info:
  ♠     Due to the 4,300 character limit restriction LJ places on comments, this sort of thing works easiest for drabbles and ficlets, but if you've written longer, you're more than welcome to post - please ensure you number your comments in the subject box, however. Saves a bit of confusion ;)
  ♠     If your fic is an absolutely bizarre length (and believe me, it happens), you are welcome to either host it outside of the comm and link to it in response to the original prompt (if you're comfortable with being un-Anon), or you can email it to me at the email address provided on the contact post and I'll post it to the comm Anonymously for you.
  ♠     There is no limit on the number of words you can write from a prompt - you can write anything from 100 word drabbles (though you may get a bit of a funny look for it!) to 10k masterpieces (...probably prompting more funny looks, but plenty of enthusiasm)!
  ♠     There is no limit on the number of requests you write for, or on the amount you can write for each one. You can write a bazillion drabbles on Webber/Vettel's hurt/comfort if you so desire.
  ♠     You may write as soon as you see a request you like.
  ♠     You may write for your own requests.

In effort to keep things neat and tidy, I will periodically post new prompt posts. Once we have 10 pages of prompt/response, I will make a new post. You must then start requesting in that post, though you may still write for the first.

Anon commenting is on! Go, go, go!

Please Note!!! Because LJ is particularly irritating, there are no longer subject lines for comments. Please be considerate and warn for any potential triggers in the first line of your responses to prompts. Thank you.
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