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What up, what up, what's happenin'!

Hey everyone, just a quick one inspired by my darling, glamorous, and entirely anonymous assistant who keeps me up to date with what's going on here if (lbr, when) I disappear from LJ.

I've put together a motorskink Tumblr, where you can badger me endlessly ask questions pertaining to the comm if I don't seem to be around, anonymously or not. You can use this to ask general questions or to report wank, or anything else that you can dream up - providing it's relevant to the community. I go into more detail over there, so check it out if you have the time.

The main reason for this is because I'm kind of useless at LJ these days, but this comm is my baby and though I'm not active, I do adore this fandom and the people I've met in it, so I want to keep running it for you guys, and I'm very active on Tumblr. Thus, because I've made the motors Tumblr a sideblog, any asks submitted to it will go into my main inbox and I cannot physically miss the notification for a message because I'm checking it all the time.

Note: This is purely for your information: you do not need to follow the Tumblr or even keep tabs on it if you don't want to!
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